SkyArt Handling Department

Sky Art Handling is a new business aviation support company , which provides all necessary at (EVRA) Riga International Airport for easy and quality services in flight operation , flight preparation, ground handling, crew and passengers VIP services..

19 years working in Aviation sphere, 10 years in operation of own business jets, Sky Art decide to make own professional handling company , which is based primarily on the desire of the client and the operator. You decide to arrive and have a rest in Old Riga with your family, or you are a business man and you have a business trip in Riga. We provide you with professional quality service starting from your aircraft landing and till it fly away.

SkyArt Provides:

• Main handling,

• Refueling,

• VIP Catering,

• Helicopter transfers,

• VIP cars,

• Yacht rent,

• Fast crew service,

• Excellent hotels.

Everything, you can get with Sky Art Handling for the best price and quality.